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  • The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement - Part 1 (Inflation Risk)
    Mike & Matt are excited to kick off part 1 of a 4 part show series covering The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement. Today we are isolating Inflation risk, and the varying views of where inflation is today. Additionally, we’ll touch on the interesting concept of “Asset inflation”, and why you will want to […]
  • How Will This Election Year Affect my Retirement?
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the fear and potential volatility that the U.S. economy could have regardless of which Presidential candidate wins in November. Our purpose on this show is to keep you thinking about your financial plan, while not letting the media or the fear of a certain President’s agenda scare […]
  • Ways to create an Equity Partner with your Real Estate
    In this episode Mike and Matt interview Michael Lyon, Partnership Manager with Point Digital Finance. Point Digital Finance provides a Home Equity Investment financing solution that allows both Homeowners and Real Estate Investors 30 year financing options with no monthly payments. This is nothing like a Reverse Mortgage, and is a very interesting alternative in […]
  • Ways to have a more flexible College Savings plan - "Giving them the Gift of No Student Loans!"
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the all the ways we can help our children, or our children’s children, save and prepare for the ever increasing cost of a College education. Matt touches on various types of College Savings plans (I bet you don’t know all of them), and he even presents a […]
  • What’s better than Cash? Cash and a Death Benefit!
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on yet another smart retirement “tool to have in your bag”! Learn from listening to their esteemed special guest, Chris Foley, from Core Income Advisors, on why having a portion of your retirement portfolio held in a permanent life insurance policy might make a lot of sense. We […]
  • Use your Tax Refund wisely, and Reap what you Sow
    Mike and Matt discuss 2 great ways to be disciplined and reinvest your tax refund into making your future financial life more free. With Tax Refund time “right around the corner” for many Americans, it’s time to make those dimes & nickels turn into quarters…Also, we touch on some key tips & trick for how […]
  • Estate Planning "101" - The Basics
    In this episode Mike & Matt have the pleasure of interviewing, Mark Hall, an attorney of Mark E. Hall, PC law firm to discuss the basics of wills or trusts and where they might make sense. Mark Hall also goes over the basic details of why there are different forms of trusts to have in […]
  • About $800,000 reasons to plan properly for Social Security
    In this episode Matt reminds listeners that there’s a fortune “sitting right under their noses” if they just plan out their Social Security income properly. Mike adds some of the best ways to delay Social Security income by using your Real Estate equity, as well as a few other ways that those should consider.
  • What if you were the Bank, and Homeowners paid you?
    In this episode Mike and Matt bring on a guest, Darin Moore DRE#01147784 from Sunset Mortgage, on the Show to help listeners understand the investment insight of being Private 1st Trust Deed lenders. Darin goes into detail as to what these loans provide Investors for income, collateral, and how his firm will help you manage […]
  • Do you have Volatility Insurance?
    In this episode Mike & Matt give a brief review of the SECURE act of 2019, Matt breaks down some ideas to combat volatility in your portfolio by creating "Volatility Insurance", and Mike discusses tax advantaged ways to sell your real estate while being your own bank.

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