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  • Pass the Estate Plans, with a side of Gravy – Happy Thanksgiving!
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on why this time of year is a great opportunity to focus on the items that you need to be organized in your Estate Plan with your immediate Family; but, also your Parents or Grandparent’s plans as well. Matt goes over the basic necessities of what you really […]
  • Why isn’t anybody talking about the GDP? An election debrief
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the historical performance of the U.S. Economy in Q3, and why Q4 will likely not be anywhere as good. Additionally, the guys debrief on the Presidential Election and the challenges that the Country faces with the end-of-the-Year discontinuance of the enhanced unemployment, mortgage relief, eviction bans and […]
  • The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement - Part 4 (Interest Rate & Market Risk)
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the final part of the series that focuses on the 7 retirement income risks. With the type of year we’ve had in 2020, the guys thought it would be best to save Interest Rate & Market risk for the last part of this Series. They go into […]
  • The 7 Risks You’ll face in Retirement – Part 3 (Sequence of Return & Investor Behavioral Risk)
    In this episode, Mike and Matt continue with Part 3 of their 4 part series that discusses managing the seven risks to retirement income. This episode covers the concept of “Sequence of Returns” risk and “Investor Behavioral” risk. Matt tells the story of how 2 separate families that both have $500,000 in their retirement accounts […]
  • The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement - Part 2 (Longevity & Withdrawal Rate Risk)
    In this episode Mike and Matt continue their 4 part series about managing the seven risks you'll face in retirement. This episode touches on the concept of out living your money, and how to manage what is known as “Longevity risk” and “Withdrawal Rate Risk”. Matt goes into some of the key details he shares […]
  • The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement - Part 1 (Inflation Risk)
    Mike & Matt are excited to kick off part 1 of a 4 part show series covering The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement. Today we are isolating Inflation risk, and the varying views of where inflation is today. Additionally, we’ll touch on the interesting concept of “Asset inflation”, and why you will want to […]
  • How Will This Election Year Affect my Retirement?
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the fear and potential volatility that the U.S. economy could have regardless of which Presidential candidate wins in November. Our purpose on this show is to keep you thinking about your financial plan, while not letting the media or the fear of a certain President’s agenda scare […]
  • Ways to create an Equity Partner with your Real Estate
    In this episode Mike and Matt interview Michael Lyon, Partnership Manager with Point Digital Finance. Point Digital Finance provides a Home Equity Investment financing solution that allows both Homeowners and Real Estate Investors 30 year financing options with no monthly payments. This is nothing like a Reverse Mortgage, and is a very interesting alternative in […]
  • Ways to have a more flexible College Savings plan - "Giving them the Gift of No Student Loans!"
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the all the ways we can help our children, or our children’s children, save and prepare for the ever increasing cost of a College education. Matt touches on various types of College Savings plans (I bet you don’t know all of them), and he even presents a […]
  • What’s better than Cash? Cash and a Death Benefit!
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on yet another smart retirement “tool to have in your bag”! Learn from listening to their esteemed special guest, Chris Foley, from Core Income Advisors, on why having a portion of your retirement portfolio held in a permanent life insurance policy might make a lot of sense. We […]

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