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  • Episode 44: The Value of Preventing Health Care Costs in Retirement - Part 1
    In this episode Mike and Matt begin this two part series with the guest appearance of Dr. Ken Ota from his very own O Longevity & Wellness Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. The guys had him on the show to touch on the true benefits of preventative health care and medicine, as it pertains to those […]
  • Episode 43: A Quick Check in After President’s Day
    In this episode Mike and Matt just do a quick “check-in” with listeners following the President’s Day weekend. Mike speaks briefly about the status of the 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note and the importance of this index being above 1.20% currently, and how that has an effect on the mortgage rate markets. While Matt spends a […]
  • Episode 42: "What Does a Biden Victory Mean for my Retirement?"
    We are very proud to announce that we are now recording our Podcast as both a Video & Podcast! You can listen and watch now at the same time!!! Here’s the link to our YouTube channel – Smart Retirement Podcast ( In this episode Mike and Matt touch discuss a “White Paper” that Matt Hollander […]
  • Episode 41: Qualifying for a Mortgage with Little to No Income
    In this episode Mike and Matt kick off the show with the current status of the Gold & Silver Market, as well as what to watch for as the 10 year Treasury Note makes a come back from its drastic decline in 2020 – see helpful link below to track the performance of the 10 […]
  • Episode 40: Things to expect from the Real Estate Market in 2021
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the forecasts for the U.S. Real Estate market in 2021. The guys discuss points brought up in a 2021 Redfin Real Estate article, as Mike gives his “2 cents” on what happened in many transactions in 2020, as well as what listeners can expect when buying Real […]
  • Episode 39: A Christmas Special – The Christmas Price Index, and what’s the Deal with the Dow?
    In this episode Mike and Matt embarrass themselves with their reading of the 12 Days of Christmas Price Index—it’s a ridiculous way to share some cheer. Also, they make it a point to address the real reasons why the Dow Jones has recovered from it’s low of 18,519, in late March, to over 30,000 today […]
  • Episode 38: Don’t let a Self-Directed IRA scare you
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the concept of increasing your Investment options through a Self-Directed IRA. The guys help you understand the DO’s & Don’t of properly setting up a Self-Directed IRA. Also, Mike goes over some of the classic Myths about this style of Investment strategy. Remember just because your are […]
  • Episode 37: Pass the Estate Plans, with a side of Gravy – Happy Thanksgiving!
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on why this time of year is a great opportunity to focus on the items that you need to be organized in your Estate Plan with your immediate Family; but, also your Parents or Grandparent’s plans as well. Matt goes over the basic necessities of what you really […]
  • Episode 36: Why isn’t anybody talking about the GDP? An election debrief
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the historical performance of the U.S. Economy in Q3, and why Q4 will likely not be anywhere as good. Additionally, the guys debrief on the Presidential Election and the challenges that the Country faces with the end-of-the-Year discontinuance of the enhanced unemployment, mortgage relief, eviction bans and […]
  • Episode 35: The 7 Risks You'll Face in Retirement - Part 4 (Interest Rate & Market Risk)
    In this episode Mike and Matt touch on the final part of the series that focuses on the 7 retirement income risks. With the type of year we’ve had in 2020, the guys thought it would be best to save Interest Rate & Market risk for the last part of this Series. They go into […]

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