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  • Serenity Now
    Mike & Matt will discuss the sense and serenity to have in this market by discussing taking advantage of products that allow you to cap your losses and diversify your gains, as well as touch on what the Federal Reserve has done to help us see some stability in the Economy, and how the CARES […]
  • The Corona Virus & Your Retirement
    In this show we focus on how the COVID-19 virus is attacking the Financial Markets, and how you can counter what the 2020 Market is doing to your retirement with ways to protect your assets. Additionally, Mike and Matt touch on the recent interest rate cuts made by the Federal Reserve, and why the Federal […]
  • The Wealth Triangle Part 3- Enjoying and Protecting Your Wealth
    In this episode Mike & Matt focus on the ways to “Live Well”, by accessing the Assets that they’ve worked so hard to set-up and preserve. Through Real Estate, Financial products, and just good Smart sense listeners will understand how to “tap into” their liquid assets that will aide in Enjoying & Protecting their Wealth. […]
  • The Wealth Triangle Part 2 - Growing & Protecting your Wealth
    In this weeks episode Mike & Matt discuss part 2 of our three part series "The Wealth Triangle". Part 2 will help guide you through ideas of how to grow and protect your wealth. A diagram of the triangle can be found on our Facebook page! Thank you for listening.
  • The Wealth Triangle Part 1 - Building a Foundation
    In this weeks episode Mike & Matt discuss part 1 of our new three part series "The Wealth Triangle". Part 1 will explain the importance of building a strong foundation for your retirement and how that will benefit you later on in life. A diagram of the triangle can be found on our Facebook page! […]
  • Capturing the Gains from 2019!
    In this episode Mike & Matt discuss ideas of how to protect your earnings from 2019 and how to not give everything thing back. Remember a gain is not realized until you sell! Happy New Year!
  • Wealth Transfer
    In this episode, Mike & Matt discuss different strategies and ideas of how to properly pass on your assets to your beneficiaries and avoid things like unnecessary taxes and probate.
  • Thank You & Happy Holidays
    In this short episode, Mike & Matt wanted to take a few minutes to thank our listeners and wish you all a very happy holidays as well as, a very healthy new year. Thank you all for a great 2019.
  • Income, Growth, and NO Market Risk
    In this episode Mike & Matt brought in an industry expert, Marc Rogers, to discuss alternatives to the stock market and how to still receive decent growth in your retirement accounts without market risk. Also discussed is how to create an income stream you will not outlive. Happy Holidays! Special Guest: Marc Rogers.
  • Protecting Yourself from the Unknown
    In this episode, Mike & Matt talk with one of the nations leading experts in identity theft protection, Dana Mantilia, and learn some of the ways you can protect yourself from this serious issue. Special Guest: Dana Mantilia.

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