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  • Episode 56: Where we finish, in racing or in retirement, is important...
    If you have a choice, where do you want to retire? How much of where you retire will depend on how much you will have to retire on. The cost of living will be a major factor in figuring out how much you will need to retire with. Cost of living can vary dramatically from […]
  • Episode 55: Cruising into Retirement.. If you Love what you do, will you ever have to retire?
    In this podcast we will talk about the idea of if you love what you are doing for a career, will you ever really retire? Our guest today will be Steven Shulem. He sells cruise ship experiences. Being a top producer for many cruise ships, he is fortunate to be able to go on many […]
  • Episode 54: Is Life like an Endurance Race?
    In an endurance race there are many strategies you can use to get to the finish line. Remember the story of the Hare and the Tortoise? Come out strong and aggressive and 'hope' that you do not break your race car or put too much wear on your tires. Or, another approach could be to […]
  • Episode 53: Is Playing Defense the Best Offense for Your Retirement?
    After what we experienced with the Covid pandemic, a lot of us are still recovering from the economic impact but some are already looking ahead and putting Financial Defenses in play to prepare for the next period of uncertainty. Surveying 2300 adults in 2021, 58% of Americans say they are in "Financial Recovery Mode". When […]
  • Episode 52: Life Begins on the Edge of Your Comfort Zone
    Ask yourself - by the time you retire, will you really have the health and energy to do all the fun things you dreamt about?? It's one thing to have the resources to retire comfortably but if you wait too long will you be physically fit and have the motivation to do the activities you […]
  • Episode 51: The importance of being your own Boss vs being an Employee
    Are you Risk Averse? Being your own boss requires some degree of risk. How good are you with dealing with risks and can you look at risk as a fun and rewarding challenge? In racing, every lap takes you approx. 2 min, each lap we get a new challenge or opportunity to do better. As […]
  • Episode 50: Inflation - How it can mess with your retirement plans!
    In this episode Mike, Matt and guest speaker Jeff discuss how inflation can be the silent killer to your business and retirement portfolio. With all the government stimulus and businesses having to increase wages to attract good talent, the cost of living is increasing. We discuss steps to counterbalance inflation so that it does not […]
  • Episode 49: What is Cryptocurrency, and is it worth owning?
    In this episode Mike and Matt bring on a guest that was involved in the beginning creations of cryptocurrency. Michael Noel, Certified Blockchain Professional with Blockchain Consultants. Michael Co-Founded Blockchain Consultants, Inc. in 2016. He has been helping companies in multiple industries adopt Distributed Ledger Technology ever since. This is more of an educational show […]
  • Episode 48: Thinking like a Retiree in your 40’s & 50’s – Part 3
    This is the final episode in our 3 part series that helps listeners focus on simple ways to start thinking like you are a retiree in your 40’s & 50’s, so that you can take advantage of your best asset - TIME. In this episode, Matt has the chance to interview Sylvain Templeman, Executive Vice […]
  • Episode 47: Thinking like a Retiree in your 40’s & 50’s – Part 2
    In this episode, Mike and Matt lay the groundwork to help you start understanding what the average amount you should have in your retirement accounts when you are in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. In addition to that, Matt helps those revisit or understand for the first time, the concept of maximizing your “free money” […]

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